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Saved Big on Sewer 
Our place had sewage bubbling up from the floor inside, causing a terrible mess and bad odor, to say the least.
We called a different plumbing company who said we needed to dig inside by the cleanout, and handed us an estimate for over $10,000 dollars. We were shocked, but lucky for us, our neighbor told us to call Smelly Mels. They cleared the sewer right away (which had backed up again overnight) and then did a cctv video inspection. We saw that our pipe inside was in good condition and didn't need the costly repairs, what a relief! Smelly fixed the clay pipe outside, and we saved over $5,000 dollars!
Thank you Smelly Mels, we will recommend you to all our friends and neighbors.

Dan C.
Posted 06/02/08
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The old house my roommates and I rent is 50 years old, and of comes with its share of old hour problems. Long story short we had a backup and called Smelly Mel's and the gentleman they send out was very professional, knowledable, and efficient. He first sent in a camera to see the blockage, then sent down the snake to cut out the roots and clear our pipe. They came out within an hour of us calling and was done in 1.5 hours. According to my roomate the same thing happened 2 years prior and the plumber they called before was here for 7 hours. If this happenes again we know who to call.

Ben L.
Posted 6/28/08
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